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Dance Filming


We have filmed many dance shows in various schools & theatres throughout the south of the UK.  I specialise in filming live shows in their entirety, enabling performers & parents to keep the memory forever.  With high quality filming, utilising numerous HD cameras, this enables my crew and I to to capture the grace and mood of every dance.  We also utilise sound in the theatre to be directly fed into our cameras, enabling us to provide excellent sound quality.


For a full live performance I charge £15.99 per DVD with a 20 order minimum.  Each DVD includes a full edited version of the show with different camera angles and scrolling credits that list cast and crew.  Each dance / segment will be put into chapters. Allowing viewers to move to their scene of choice quickly. Additionally the DVD will include a slideshow of any pictures you wish to include from the production with your choice of music.  Finally, your DVD would include a short highlights video of the show.  


I always include a highlights video for each production as part of the DVD.  Therefore I am very happy to have this available to you so that you can share to a social network platform or video service such as You Tube. This would be at no extra cost.  


You already have footage but it needs editing?  No problem.  I offer a full editing service to cover any of your media needs.  


For a quotation or any questions, please contact or call 07780 628963.

Live Event Filming


Live music and theatre productions can be captured with us in an extremely effective and professional manner. Using numerous camera angles,  A,P. Media can capture your event whilst working with the sound team of the theatre utilising professional sound equipment designed for our cameras.  This enables us to provide high quality DVD with excellent sounds quality without using additional mics.  For a quotation please fill in the below form...

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